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January 10, 2013
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Doomsday Inc by Zerokii Doomsday Inc by Zerokii
To the person saving the takeout in the fridge,
Perhaps for after supper.
I give my apologies.
It was delicious.

Name: 'General' Gunner
Age: Young Adult (21ish)
Species: Entei. I mean... minccino.
Nature: Naughty - Doesn't… really have an exact moral compass when doing things. Also, tends to mess with others when bored. Has boundaries though.
Characteristic: Strongly defiant - Will stand up to anybody who wrongs him, even if they're say, a huge freaking salamance.

With hopes to become a feared, powerful and respected member of the rescuers, he tries his best to act the part as a cool, steely, and calculating individual. Somebody you wouldn't dare look in the eye without risking a limb down your throat. Obviously, he and his soft fluffy tail and tiny pink paws have a ways to go, but THAT'S NOT STOPPING HIM. Oooooooh no.

It's unfortunate that everything else is.

Despite all efforts, Gunner's tendency of being a sucker for the center of attention shows fairly often out of that cold, restrained demeanor. Perhaps his greatest enemy is his inclination for trigger happy cockiness which often leads his originally well thought out schemes to reckless showing off. It's the same kind of bold but completely idiotic thinking that leads him to believe he could flip off a legendary and make it out… not dead. It also ends in the belief that the one thing a babysitting mission needs is more explosions.

Surprisingly as it may be however, the minccino isn't all that bad, and that goes for playing with others too... as long as they don't annoy him or comment how uh... 'unthreatening' he is. You could probably strike up a conversation and carry it for while, no problem. He is a bit demanding though and can come off as rather rude, time to time, intentionally or not. Not to mention, that even though he's much more likely to immediately shrug off blows than lose his head (more satisfying to do something horrible later to them in their sleep), he's prone to some very childish, cuss spewing, foot stomping temper tantrums if things don't go his way.

O t h e r :
- Will try to cream bug pokémon on sight, unless they're MUCH bigger than him. Then he'll just find a nice hidey hole to cry in until they go away. Seriously, he hates bugs. They scary.
- No stranger to cursing when in trouble, frustrated, or otherwise flustered.
- Is a surprisingly good actor and can mimic any voice he desires with scary accuracy.

D e s i g n . N o t e s :
- Tail is quite huge and extra fluffy compared to the average minccino.
- Bangs hang down over forehead.

Name: Ada - MISSING
Age: Teen (15ish)
Species: Poochyena, but she might be an Entei.
Nature: Calm - Rarely gets angry or gets overly excited, and can keep her head straight in the face of danger. Not to say she doesn't ever scream and run away, but her mind is always focused in these situations.
Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn - When she has her mind set on something, it's going to be accomplished, one way or another.

Ada is quite the cool and clever gal for her age. She thinks quickly on her feet and is not afraid of any challenge that may dare face her down. In that way, you could say she's quite the adventurer when it comes to missions, or maybe it's just stubborn optimism. Either way, she's always amped to go into the depths of fiery volcano, tackle that wild wild west, or risk the dangers of dragon infested jungle… Okay, well, almost always.

Despite being adventurous, she's also down to earth and tends to think before she leaps. For better or for worse, this makes her a bit blunt. While she's not out harm feelings, she calls it like she sees it, including even in the oddest of situations. Despite this though, if she doesn't downright announce a refusal of it, she'll usually go along with shoddy behavior and bad actions after calling them out. She's not a stuffy critic out to correct everybody's behavior. Usually she can care less. Just letting you know that your stupidity might make you inflicted with a bad case of death if you want to reconsider.

In the company of friends, old and new, she loves to laugh and tease, often calling them names based on their more unsavory traits. Overall, with the ultimate goal to experience the world and maybe even meet a pokémon that nobody has ever seen before, she loves action and adventure… oh and explosions too. She kind of shares Gunner's love affair with explosions.

O t h e r :
- Walks on hind legs for some unknown reason. Claims it's so she can use sucker punch easier and hates grabbing things be her mouth. Will drop to all four to run faster though.
- While upbeat most of the time, can be interestingly cynical at times.
- A bit of a photographer

D e s i g n . N o t e s :
- The black on her face breaks into splatters on her forehead and chest.
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RaichuMaru Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cameo of Gunner:):[link] (aloe he will be in another scene :D)
RaichuMaru Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*also ^^;
JKSketchy Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Student General Artist
Cameo'd ;p [link]
CrazyIguana Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Gunner cameo'd> [link]
Zerokii Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Eeep! Thanks. :D
Aredubsi Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great googly moogly this has got to be one of the best apps I have seen man I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR MISSIONS WITH MUCH ANTICIPATION
Zerokii Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
Wow. Holy smokes Batman. XD Fwah, never gotten a comment like this before. Thank you so much. I'm currently working on the present day main mission, so we'll see how much luck I'll have with that. XD
Tychea Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well hello there. this is sexy.
Zerokii Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
Ohoho! Thank you. XD
Zaka51 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
Gunner reminds me of a Minccino character I've been working on myself. Kinda similar, but I think you do it a lot better than myself. I do love your style; really colorful and expressive, it's just plain fun to look at the details! It's got a lot of personality to it that can grab attention and really draw people in. Kinda wish I was better with words and more knowledgeable in art so I could more accurately describe why I like it; but alas!

Love the little details in, well, all of it! Just a bunch of colorful and interesting images and quirks to admire.
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